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Binghamton University Interim President Peter Magrath
President Dr. C. Peter Magrath

Welcome to Binghamton University.

It's good to be back!

When I left the presidency of Binghamton University in 1974 — when I was just a boy — I would never have predicted that I would return to lead this exciting University. But life has its twists and turns, and I am back: an interim president who intends to be president in the interim.

I am here by choice, not only because I have a relationship with Binghamton University, but because it’s a stronger, better and more interesting place than it was 36 years ago. That is a credit to the leadership of Lois DeFleur and the quality of the people who helped strengthen the place: faculty, staff and students; alumni; community and civic leaders; the Binghamton University Council and the Binghamton University Foundation, our critical fundraising partners; and the University’s Alumni Association.

Of course there are issues and challenges here. Times are fiscally tough, and we perform our public-service mission in a relentlessly competitive world. And since it’s understandably on the minds of many, I’ll comment on intercollegiate athletics. I support Division I athletics ― it can be valuable in many ways to a big-time university ― just as I will insist that our fundamental mission is education and our core responsibility is academic integrity. I find worthy challenges energizing and stimulating, so it will be educational and enjoyable to meet Binghamton’s with the help of the many who serve and care about this superb University.

While older than when I last served here, I have been around the educational block and believe that my experiences and perspectives will be helpful. My style is to be open and direct. I will be listening and learning from all who care about Binghamton and the way it utilizes education and research to promote economic and social development not just in the Southern Tier, but worldwide.

My job, and the job of all of us who believe in Binghamton University’s mission, is to build on our strengths while creating new opportunities. About a year from now there will be a permanent president, but in the meantime, we all have work to do. So full speed ahead!

My best wishes to each of you and sincere appreciation for your partnership with Binghamton University.

C. Peter Magrath





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Last Updated: 6/18/15