Questions new faculty may ask

  • How does the promotion and tenure process work? What is the timeline for reviews? Who are the key players and what role do they play: Initiating Personnel Committee, chair, dean, University Personnel Committee, provost, president?
  • How do I establish strong professional networks on campus and in the discipline?
  • How much service should I perform? When and how can I say no?
  • What resources, beyond my start-up package, are available on campus and beyond campus to help me develop a successful research program?
  • How do I develop a publication strategy that will ensure that I have a strong publication record when I am considered for contract renewal in my third year and tenure and promotion in my sixth year?
  • How do I avoid/plan for difficulties I might encounter in securing external funding or gaining acceptance of my publications?
  • What are expectations for external funding?
  • What publishing venues are considered important by the department? Because my research is interdisciplinary, it’s important for me to publish in journals that some in the department may not be familiar with; how can I be sure that colleagues will recognize these publications as significant?
  • How many new courses will I be expected to develop?
  • Where can I get support for experimenting with technology that will make me a more effective teacher?
  • How does the department assess the quality of teaching?
  • How does shared governance work at Binghamton? What is the role of the Faculty Senate? United University Professions (UUP)?
  • How are raises determined?
  • What is the role of the chair in this department?
  • What are University-wide priorities and how are they determined?
  • What is the best way for me to get help with difficulties I’m experiencing with my teaching? A student? A colleague? The chair?
  • How do I recruit graduate students? What can I expect from the TAs assigned to my class? What is my responsibility to my TAs?

Last Updated: 10/6/16