Welcome to Binghamton University!

It's a pleasure to welcome all new freshmen and transfer students to your first semester at Binghamton University. I hope that your time at Binghamton will be filled with opportunities to challenge yourself, to test new ideas, to help discover new things, to explore the world beyond our borders, and to make a contribution to the community around you.

I encourage you to get started right away:

  • Get involved: find a club, activity, community group or other involvement opportunity -- you might find something you've always wanted to try!
  • Get down to work: develop strong study and academic work habits to take full advantage of your educational opportunities.
  • Get connected: get to know your professors by taking advantage of office hours; get to know people in your residence halls or connect with other transfer students through special programs for transfer students; get to know fellow students in your classes.

Below, you'll find a few links that highlight some of the many opportunities available to you here at Binghamton. You can find many more on the pages of the Division of Student Affairs (http://www.binghamton.edu/student-affairs/), Residential Life (http://reslife.binghamton.edu/), and the Student Association (http://binghamtonsa.org/).

I'd be glad to hear about your experiences as you get started at Binghamton, and wish you the very best for an enjoyable and productive semester.

Donald Loewen, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Links to Opportunities Available at Binghamton University

Last Updated: 10/6/16