Expenditure Guidelines

Wish you knew what is and isn't covered with your New York State Funds? Click here to see the Expenditure Guidelines.

2016 Moving Mileage Rate Change

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, the standard moving mileage rate will be 19 cents per mile. The Office of the State Comptroller Guide to Financial Information contains additional mileage information and the link is provided here.

New York State Fiscal Year End

Due to the New York State Fiscal year-end (March 31st), you will not be able to create requisitions in the SUNY Financial System on Monday, March 23rd.  We anticipate that you can resume on Tuesday, March 24th.  Please keep in mind that although you can resume creating requisitions on March 24th, the Office of the State Comptroller will not transmit payment until after April 1st.  Therefore, in order for a vendor to be paid before April 1st, the Accounts Payable Department must have an approved requisition, purchase order and valid invoice for payment no later than Wednesday, March 18th.

Business System Available

The BU Business System (BUBS) and Business Intelligence (BI) are now active and operational.  For additional information, system sign-on links, etc., please access the Business System "Portal" at   If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office or Human Resources.

Receiving Requirements

Please remember that no invoices can be processed for payment without an accompanying short form receipt created in the Binghamton University Business System.  Please click here for further instructions on how to create a short form receipt.

Personal Reimbursement/Fellowship Payment Changes

A purchase order is not needed in order to reimburse an employee/non-employee. Effective July 1, 2013 a purchase order is no longer needed in order to reimburse an employee/non-employee.  Examples of this type of payments are: fellowship payments, personal reimbursements, hosting, moving expense reimbursements and book stipends. If there are any questions on this procedure, please call 7-6100 or email for help.

Vendor Information

Can't find the vendor you're looking for and aren't sure if the vendor is already an approved vendor in the BU Business System? Click here to send an e-mail query to the supplier listserv.  You need to have the vendor's Tax ID  number in order for the query to be completed. 

Need to add a new Supplier?

Please allow a minimum of 72 hours after you request a supplier to be added.  Click here to set up a supplier.  You will need to provide the following information:

Supplier Name
Supplier Address
Supplier Federal ID Number
Supplier Contact Name
Supplier Contact Phone Number
Supplier Contact Email Address

If adding a business: Substitute W-9 form is needed. If adding an individual: please provide a reason why (ex: guest speaker, interview candidate, etc).

NYS now accepts or rejects suppliers before they are added to the Binghamton University Business System.

Changes in Vendor Information

Once NYS accepts the vendor, we can no longer make changes to their information, including address changes. It is now the vendor's responsibility to add/update information (including address changes, names changes, merging companies) in the NYS vendrep system.  The link that can be provided to them is: There is contact information on the aforementioned webpage for the NYS Vendor Management Unit if the vendor needs assistance.

Last Updated: 1/25/17