U.S. Regional Chapters

You don't have to live near campus to stay connected to Binghamton University. The Alumni Association supports regional chapters in areas with relatively high concentrations of Binghamton University alumni.

We invite you to become involved with a regional chapter; you can help create the rewarding experiences that you and your fellow alumni deserve. We continue to add new chapters in other regions not listed below as interested alumni come forward who would like to start a chapter. If you are interested in forming a chapter close to where you live and work, contact Kevin Lobdell, associate director of alumni engagement.

To learn more about starting and leading a chapter, check out the Regional Chapter and Affinity Group Handbook.

Want to get your brand in front of an educated, affluent audience? Consider sponsoring a regional chapter event. Learn more.


Metro New York Chapter

Chapter Leaders: Dan Cherico '08, Rory Clark '05 and Natalie Tod '12

Long Island Committee Leaders: Rich Leff '87 and Larry Sprung '96

Westchester Committee Leader: Dana West '98   

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Upcoming Metro New York Events



Greater Binghamton Chapter

Chapter Leaders:
Danielle Britton '06, MAT '08, Douglas J. Camin '05 and Marcia Steinbrecher '90
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Upcoming Binghamton Area Events



Binghamton Alumni D.C. Metro Chapter

Chapter Leader: Christina Ritter '99
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Baltimore Chapter

Chapter Leaders: Brittany Jennings Harrison '08 and Matt Austin '13




  Buffalo Chapter

Chapter Leader: Florina Altshiler '02 
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Alumni Association Rochester Chapter

Chapter Leader: Diana Weber '13
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Alumni Association Syracuse Chapter

Chapter Leader: Gregory Ronneburger '97, MBA '99
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Alumni Association Albany Chapter

Chapter Leader: Vacant Position - Contact Courtney Huff if you have interest in serving in this role. 



Binghamton Alumni Greater Boston Chapter

Chapter Leader: Pooja (Raju) Shankar '06
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Binghamton Alumni Philadelphia Chapter

Chapter Leaders: Jennifer Gay '01, Katie Law '96 and Chelsea Robble '13



Binghamton Alumni New Hampshire Chapter

Chapter Leader: Michael Heaney '87
E-mail | Office phone: 603-232-8296 



Binghamton Alumni Raleigh Chapter

Chapter Leader: Joan Plotnick '84 
E-mail | Facebook | Twitter



Binghamton Alumni South Florida Chapter

Chapter Leader: Sean Lebowitz '04 

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Chicago Chapter

Chapter Leader: Francesca Blecker '04 
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Binghamton Alumni San Francisco Chapter

Chapter Leader: Siejen Yin-Stevenson '01, MBA '06
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Binghamton Alumni Los Angeles Chapter

Interim Chapter Leader: Elliot Alyeshmerni '06, MBA '07




Last Updated: 4/18/17