Bearcats of the Last Decade

"Who is BOLD?"

Our Bearcats of the Last Decade (BOLD) alumni are thriving both personally and professionally, and we couldn't be prouder! We want to share what they're achieving through our series, "Who is BOLD?"

On a regular basis, we'll feature BOLD alumni doing amazing things! Let us know of a BOLD graduate who should be included; contact Courtney Huff, MS '11 in the Alumni Engagement office.



 Featured BOLD alumni


Sung Kim ’14 started with $250 and a dream. When he was a senior at Binghamton, he and some friends had a taste for the wildly popular chicken over rice dish they enjoyed back home on the streets of New York City. What if the sensation could be enjoyed at Binghamton? The result was Chick-N-Bap.

Sung took the limited funds in his bank account and went grocery shopping. After doing some taste testing with friends, he was ready to share his creations with the campus community. Chick-N-Bap had a weekend test run at Hinman Nite Owl, and Sodexo figured he’d sell 30 dishes, tops. The response was overwhelming as he sold ten times as many dishes on opening night, and another 300 the following night.

This BOLD idea took off from there! For the next two semesters, he kept Chick-N-Bap going at the Nite Owl, and starting in the Fall 2016 semester, the business has a full-time location at the University Union Marketplace. Students, faculty and staff wait in long lines each day to enjoy Sung’s culinary creations. Congratulations, Sung on taking a risk to make your dream a reality and adding something cool to our campus culture. You are truly a BOLD alum!


Andrew Satriano '09 dreamed for years of being on Wheel of Fortune, but never imagined he'd actually make it onto the show, let alone win! He had always been good at puzzles, hangman and word games, and was an avid Wheel watcher.

Andrew had tried to get onto Wheel of Fortune ever since his senior year of high school. He said the process was long and tedious; he filled out several applications until he received an e-mail about a secret audition in New York. He made it through the auditions and a written test and, on the day of his sister's wedding, he learned he would be on the show.

When taping his episode, Andrew was so excited that he mispronounced the answer to the first puzzle. However, as the show went on, he became more comfortable and ended up winning more than $80,000 in cash and prizes.
The hardest part for Andrew was not telling anyone the results until the show aired, and he enjoyed watching it with friends and family and seeing their reactions. His mother made a Wheel cake, and guests brought Wheel-themed food and candy to the watch party.

Andrew would like to thank all of his Binghamton friends and family who supported and congratulated him. He was the male who earned the highest prize total during the show's 2015 season. Andrew shows what it means to be BOLD. He pursued his dream and made it big. Congratulations Andrew, we're glad you're a part of the BOLD community!


Rachael Silverstein '08 represents what it means to be a go-getter and creative BOLD alumna. Her English Literature and Language degree served as great preparation for the real world, where she gained strong writing, critical thinking, and communication skills. She is proud to be a Binghamton graduate.

Rachael is a New York City-based project management professional and freelance photographer, she is the owner of her own company, Rachael Elana Photography where she works closely with private and commercial clients bringing their visions to life or developing new visions in collaboration with them. Rachael has taken on the role of a LACE mentor through Harpur Edge where students can shadow Rachael in her daily work in project management, most recently within the non-profit realm. Being a LACE mentor has allowed Rachael to stay connected with current students and is continuously impressed by the caliber of intelligent, motivated, and professional students she has mentored.

When Rachael is not mentoring students and behind her camera she also loves running and traveling oversees. Her passion for photography and people has allowed her to do what she loves, which is something she recommends to all students. She believes that college is a time to explore and find what sparks one's interests, and is grateful to share that interest with many people.


Diana Weber '13 embodies what it means to stay connected and be a part of the Binghamton University alumni community. Her love for the University and passion for people made her want to play an active role in the BOLD alumni program. Her passion increased when she attended the Alumni Leaders Conference last spring, and she came away inspired to be further engaged with our alumni network.

Along with two other young alumni, Meredith (Woitach) Martin '06 and her husband Travis Martin '07, Diana helped launch the Alumni Association's Rochester Chapter. Diana is excited to continue leading efforts to enhance BOLD programming and further progress the Rochester chapter.

When Diana is not out making connections in her alumni network, she works for the Town of Perinton as a recreation leader. She attributes getting this position to networking she did throughout her time at Binghamton University, which she deems extremely important. She also loves playing soccer, spending time with her family, and trying new foods.


Natalie Tod '12 truly demonstrates what it means to be a successful and active BOLD alumna. Over the past year, Natalie has served as the BOLD liaison for the Alumni Association's Metro New York Chapter. In September 2015, Natalie assumed a co-chair position for the chapter, allowing her to have a wider impact on the area's alumni. Since becoming involved with the chapter, Natalie has helped institute many new programs for BOLD alumni including the inaugural BOLD Speaker Series event.

Currently, Natalie works in talent development, where her main focus is to equip colleagues with crucial skills such as effective communication, powerful presentation techniques, and negotiation. Through this position, which teaches individual skills needed by any Bearcat, she found that she wanted to be involved with the Alumni Association.

When Natalie is not supporting and developing the skills of talented men and women within her organization, she enjoys oil painting and training for marathons. Natalie's passions create a balance which allows her to continue to help alumni build relationships, networks, and she is extremely grateful for an opportunity to strengthen the BOLD community.


As co-founder and program coordinator of The Memory Maker Project, Christina Muscatello '08 is a BOLD alumna making an impact on the Southern Tier with her entrepreneurial spirit! Christina and her team are making the arts and culture accessible to individuals with memory loss and helping to educate the community about barriers these individuals face. Spend a week in the area and you are bound to see mention of The Memory Maker Project.

Christina shares, "My greatest passion is to organize and live life experiences that connect the lovely bits of humanity: sharing stories, enjoying nature, the arts and each other."


Rachel Samuels '15 earned her bachelor's degree in human development, with minors in both education and Judaic Studies, all while serving as a peer advisor and participating in both Hillel and Chabad. Because of those rich experiences, Rachel was chosen for the prestigious Joel Daner Yachad Communal Fellowship. Through her fellowship, Rachel will carry out Yachad's mission to "meet the social and inclusive needs of Jewish individuals with diverse disabilities." Rachel is truly working to make a difference in her community!

Rachel shares, "I applied for the fellowship because I have always been passionate about inclusion. I accepted the fellowship because I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to weave my Jewish beliefs and values with my passion for advocating and providing resources for people with special needs."



Last Updated: 11/4/16