Lifelong Learning Programs

Are you interested in taking a class, earning credits or learning something new? Are you interested in encouraging your child to attend an excellent summer learning experience? Wherever you are, whatever your learning needs, Binghamton University offers programs to serve you.

We know your desire for learning did not end upon graduation and given the rapidly changing technology and information landscape, the need for continuing education and lifelong learning has never been so critical. Education is the primary reason you first attended Binghamton, so providing an array of educational experiences is one of the best ways we can continue to serve you.

We use flexible delivery formats to develop and deliver innovative learning programs leading to your continued professional growth and personal enrichment. Whether online or on-site, we know you'll find these learning opportunities valuable.

Degree Programs co-sponsored by the Alumni Association

The School of Management's Professional MBA - NYC Program is one of the most innovative programs in the country. Binghamton is the only school in New York State that offers an MBA degree in just 12 months for fully employed individuals. The Executive MBA-NYC Program is specifically designed for business executives desiring an elite education with their fellow executives, and takes 20 months to complete.

The Graduate School of Education offers a master's degree designed especially for working teachers in Greater New Orleans. This program will help teachers refine their teaching, learning and assessment skills. Educators enrolled in the program acquire strategies and approaches that improve learning outcomes for all students.

The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science has a 12-month Executive Master of Science in Health Systems program in Manhattan which provides knowledge and skills for modeling, analyzing and/or designing healthcare delivery systems and processes.


Last Updated: 7/19/16