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Navigating the job search process, enduring a career transition, or becoming a new hire can be challenging, especially in today's economy. To help you sort through the confusion and give direction to your professional growth, the Alumni Association and Career Development Center (CDC) have partnered to bring graduates the information, tips and advice needed to ensure success. Whether you're a recent graduate just starting on the job hunt or a seasoned expert looking for ways to take your career to the next level, we're here to help.

What CDC Offers Alumni
The center provides a number of services and resources to assist Binghamton University alumni with career concerns.  Also, we strongly encourage you to read an important message on a change to the CDC's credentials service.


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10 Great Tips For An Older Worker's Job Hunt
By now, you've probably heard of the glass ceiling; however, there's another insidious workplace phenomenon that can be troubling for older job seekers: the "gray ceiling." According to the AARP, it often takes longer for people over the age of 55 to find jobs.

Career Advice For New College Grads: Find Your Hook
Anyone who has applied to and been admitted to a selective college is familiar with the notion of finding a “hook”. It's something that sets acceptees apart from all those with a similar background whom the college chose not to admit. According to career consultant Sheila Curran, it works the same way in job searches; you have to distinguish yourself from the pack.

Career Advice for New College Grads: Think Like An Employer
When conducting job searches, many people tend to think only about themselves and why they want a particular job.  However, according to Curran, 80 percent of the job search - which includes the resume, the cover letter and the interview - is all about the employer and the employer’s needs.

Careers and the College Grad: Predictions for 2010 and beyond
Last year was a banner year for stocks, which is great news for parents paying for their children’s increasingly expensive college education from hard-earned savings. Yet the good economic news disguises an ugly fact: unemployment figures continued to rise throughout 2009. None of the experts expect a significant improvement anytime soon. Curran has five predictions each for college students, and for the career services offices that help them figure out and find their futures.

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Last Updated: 9/26/16