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Saturday, Jan. 22 .
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Alumni Association Bowling Tournament
Saturday, Jan. 22
Midway Lanes
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Winter Madness
Saturday, Jan. 29
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Navigating the job search process, enduring a career transition or becoming a new hire can be challenging, especially in today's economy. To help you sort through the confusion and give direction to your professional growth, the Alumni Association and Career Development Center (CDC) have partnered to bring graduates the information, tips and advice needed to ensure success. Whether you're a recent graduate just starting your job hunt or a seasoned expert looking for ways to take your career to the next level, we're here to help. The center provides a number of services and resources to assist Binghamton University alumni with career concerns. 

We do not endorse any of the following content providers, and receive no compensation in exchange for their inclusion here.

No Wonder You're Not Getting Hired!
"If you've been applying for jobs but don't seem to be getting anywhere, it might be due to your methods and not due to your skills and experience," writes Michael Deane. In his article, Deane spotlights several blunders that job hunters make in their search that hold them back from employment.

Job Search – New Ways With Android Mobile
Many job seekers are not keen to today's world of media and technological saturation. But, Anita Lancaster says that with only a few clicks on an Android mobile phone, even the most technologically inept can download an application that provides users with a real-time job search function.

Unemployment is a Full-Time Job
Emily Reynolds is unemployed. At 51, she has worked in public relations, higher education and in special events training. She has a master's degree and a certificate in communication. But, even with her experience and education, she still finds herself among the large quantity of unemployed Americans. "Being unemployed is in no way relaxing," writes Reynolds. "A cloud constantly hangs over my head. I feel guilty if I'm not on the computer job-hunting. I even feel guilty for spending any time writing this."

How To Get a Job When You're Over 50
You are over 50 and have just become a victim of a dreaded layoff. The temptation of sitting at home and feeling bad for yourself is strong, sometimes seemingly impossible to escape. But, just because you have lost your job at fifty does not mean that a new job cannot be found, writes Susan Adams.

Social Networking Your Way To A New Job
Social networking is not just for letting friends know what you are doing Friday night. If used correctly, it can be instrumental in helping you get your dream job. "The Internet has created a level playing field where you can connect directly with hiring managers or people who can refer you to new jobs," writes Dan Schawbel. In his article, Schawbel lays out a three step plan on finding a job using social networks.

Like a Needle in a Haystack – Employers and Gen Y are Missing the Mark
Jenny Floren, founder and CEO of, thinks the employers and job hunters are missing something. Recent alumni are experiencing incredible trouble finding jobs while employers are also having issues finding candidates. So, how can employers and candidates mend the gap that has formed between them?

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Last Updated: 8/5/14