Ralph M. Garruto


PhD, Penn State University, 1973


Professor of biomedical anthropology and biological sciences; director of the NIH-BU Serum Archive Facility and the Laboratory of Biomedical Anthropology and Neurosciences. Research is interdisciplinary and combines field and laboratory approaches to the study of both infectious and chronic diseases within a biomedical, anthropological and evolutionary framework. Field sites include the Andes, Cambodia, Caribbean, China, Melanesia, Micronesia, Siberia and Ukraine. State-of-the-art cell and molecular laboratories at biohazard levels 2-3 containment are used in support of the fieldwork that is conducted globally.



Research interests

Primary research interests are in natural experimental models, gene-environment interactions, health transitions, food chain disorders, evolution of drug resistance (Malaria), emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. Current research projects include high incidence foci of ALS and Parkinsonism in the Western Pacific, Viliusk Encephalomyelitis in Siberia, health transitions in Vanuatu, and cross-species transmission of prion diseases in the U.S.

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