MA in Public Archaeology
Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in the Public Archaeology MA track will be expected to complete the regular MA program in anthropology. In addition, they will take an additional 12 credits, which includes a summer internship and courses specifically designed for this track.

Prerequisite for admission to the program:
Students must have completed an archaeological field school of at least 6 weeks or equivalent in duration to be admitted to the MA track in Public Archaeology. The choice of field school must be approved by the admissions committee.

For the public archaeology trackin the master's degree in anthropology, a student must complete with a GPA of 3.0 or better and satisfy the following:

1.  Pass, with a B- or better, two 4-credit courses from the identified subfield distribution lists (see lists below), including at least one course in sociocultural anthropology and one course from either Biological Anthropology or Linguistics. Specific courses selected must be approved by the student's principal advisor.

2.  Pass, with a B- or better each of these four 4-credit courses; Anth 551 – Strategies in Archaeology, Anth 554G – Heritage and Community, Anth 585 – Heritage Resource Management – Policy and Procedures, and Anth 555 – The Practice of Public Archaeology.

3.  Pass ANTH 501 (History of Anthropological Thought) and ANTH 504 (Current Issues and Debates in Anthropology) with grades of B- or better.

4.  Enroll for 4 credits of Anth 595 – Internship, and complete a summer internship in Public Archaeology.

5.  Present a colloquium based on the student's summer internship experience and proposed MA thesis.

6.  Complete a 1-credit course in either Anth 576 – Problems in Archaeological Area Studies or Anth 583 Practica in Archaeological Methods.

7.  Submit an acceptable master's thesis based on the student's internship experience. To do this the student will complete the 4-credit course Anth 590 - Writing Skills and Publication and 1 credit of Anth 599 – Thesis.

Total Credits Required = 42

Last Updated: 8/2/16