Anthropology Faculty

Sabina Perrino  Sabina Perrino

   Assistant Professor of Anthropology
   PhD, University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia, 2006
   Linguistic Anthropology
   Science 1, Room 221

Research Interests

Sabina Perrino is a linguistic anthropologist with a multidisciplinary interest in language and culture. She has conducted fieldwork in Senegal and among Senegalese migrants in Italy. Her past research examined the modernization of Senegalese ethnomedicine and drew on multi-sited fieldwork in both Senegal and Italy. Her recent research explores the politics of dialect revitalization in northern Italy, showing how language becomes racialized in everyday social life. In particular, she examines the relationship between Italian anxieties about foreign migrants in northern Italy and efforts by conservative political parties to preserve and promote "regional" culture, especially through the promotion of local Italian dialects. Sabina Perrino's research interests include tacit racism in everyday conversation; racialized language in joke-telling in northern Italy; new methods for studying oral narratives; language use in ethnomedical encounters and in political speeches; and transnational and globalizing aspects of language use.


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Representative Articles/Book Chapters

2015. Performing Extracomunitari: Mocking Migrants in Veneto Barzellette. Language in Society, 44: 141-160.

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