Refrigerator Rental




Here's one option that's really a necessity ... students need to eat!

micro fridge logoQuench your thirst or satisfy your hunger day or night by furnishing your room with a refrigerator.

The refrigerator rental program is provided to the University by Campus Specialties Inc. The following units are available for yearly and semester rentals; all prices include tax.

  • 2.7 Cubic-foot Refrigerator   
  • 3.2 Cubic-foot Refrigerator    
  • Combination Microwave-Refrigerator    

The combination microwave/refrigerator includes:

  • 600-watt microwave oven
  • timer dial for up to 30 minutes of cooking time
  • turntable for even cooking
  • a separate .75-cubic foot real freezer
  • a 2.1-cubic-foot refrigerator

A mailing will be sent to your home address this summer regarding the rental program, or you can call Campus Specialties Inc. directly at 1-800-525-7307.

For repairs or room changes, contact our service staff at Campus Specialties via e-mail at or call toll-free 1-800-525-7307.

Last Updated: 1/27/16