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Binghamton University offers hundreds of opportunities for you to get involved in campus organizations and activities. You can find groups or events that meet your interests by creating and ranking your interests in your "Profile" on B-Engaged.

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B-Engaged serves as a single, online source of information for all SA-chartered groups to manage their business, generate membership rosters, promote events, run reports, communicate with members or store documents. Connect today!



B-Engaged showcases all of your out-of-classroom experiences while you're a student at Binghamton University by creating an Involvement Transcript.

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There are more than 250 student groups, clubs and teams operating under the Student Association (SA) that you can become a part of. Login today!



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Binghamton Facts

  • 84% of undergraduates

    are involved on campus

  • 61% of undergraduates

    are part of a club or organization

  • 8,217 undergraduates

    have a membership record

  • 62% of undergraduates

    are involved in more than one way

Last Updated: 12/11/13