Connect. Student Group Info.

B-Engaged helps Student Association (SA) and other groups manage their business. Whether it's generating membership rosters, promoting events, running reports, communicating with members or storing documents, this site serves as a single, online source of information for all SA chartered groups. With B-Engaged, groups will find it easier to reach a broader audience to promote themselves, their messages and their events.

Examples of what your SA group can do on B-Engaged:

  • Promote events
  • Track attendance
  • Track service hours
  • Store documents
  • Hold elections
  • Communicate with members and potential members

We're Here to Help

The following tutorials were created to help you navigate B-Engaged and explore how you can create and make the best use of the site for your group. These topics should answer most of your questions, but we encourage you to contact us at if you need further clarification or would like to provide comments.

Last Updated: 7/17/15