Heather Fiumera

Dr. Heather L. Fiumera

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

BA, Smith College
PhD, The University of Georgia

Office: Science III G48
Phone: 607-777-2379
Email: hfiumera@binghamton.edu
Website: http://hfiumera.wix.com/bubioblasts

Research Interests:

Mitochondrial protein biogenesis, mitochondrial genetics, intracellular communication

The respiratory complexes are located in the mitochondrial inner membrane and are the site of energy production. These complexes are encoded by both nuclear and mitochondrial genomes and contain numerous cofactors. Biogenesis of these complexes requires highly coordinated gene regulation and communication between different cellular compartments.

We use the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae to explore mitochondrial functions with a current focus on the roles of highly conserved membrane translocases in mitochondria. This work contributes to human disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as advances our understanding of fundamental processes in cell biology and evolution.

Last Updated: 5/6/16