Dr. Jeffrey K. Lum

Dr. Jeffrey K. Lum

Professor of Anthropology

BA, University of California at Berkeley
PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Office: Science I -115A
Phone: 607-777-3106
Email: klum@binghamton.edu

Research Interests:

Molecular anthropology, forensic genetics, malaria, epidemiology; Melanesia, Micronesia

I am actively working and publishing in six main areas of research: molecular anthropology (humans, domestic/commensal animals and plants, both modern and ancient), malaria epidemiology (human, vector, parasite), chronic disease (neurological dysfunction, metabolic syndrome), medical genetics (disease selection, drug metabolism, drug resistance), behavioral genetics (aggression, impulsivity, sexual behavior in humans, dogs, and birds), and forensic genetics (data basing, identification). These research interests integrate extensive field collections of samples throughout the Pacific and other tropical regions with intensive characterization of variation at the molecular level within a cross-cultural framework.

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