Dr. Dale M. Madison

Dr. Dale M. Madison

Professor of Biological Sciences

BSc, MSc, PhD, University of Maryland

Office: Science III - 375
Phone: 607-777-2397
Email: dmadison@binghamton.edu
Website: http://www.binghamton.edu/biology/faculty-and-staff/faculty/madison.html

Research Interests (no longer accepting students):

Herpetological conservation biology

The My primary research focus is herpetological conservation biology, emphasizing the establishment of aquatic and upland buffer zones for pond breeding amphibians. I'm also studying vernal pool restoration and mitigation practices using metapopulations of several Ambystoma species, and rapid population assessment and habitat requirements of aquatic Map turtles. Radiotelemetry and the use of GIS and GPS are fundamental techniques in these studies.

Last Updated: 7/1/15