Dr. David A. Merriwether

Dr. David A. Merriwether

Associate Professor of Anthropology

BA, BS, MA, Pennsylvania State University
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Office: Science I -219
Phone: 607-777-6707
Email: andym@binghamton.edu

Research Interests:

Molecular Anthropology

Molecular Evolution, phylogenetics, and population genetics of human, animal and plant populations:

Peopling of new landscapes, including peopling the New World and Oceania. Origins of domestication,  including camelids, cotton, and flax. Ancient DNA in human and animals populations, including origins of modern humans. Paleodemography.

Health and Disease:

Mitochondrial disease and health, including diabetes and obesity. Mapping genes for skin and coat color in multiple species. Mapping genes for choanal atresia, wry face, and polydactyly in mammals.


Last Updated: 7/1/15