Dr. Sandra D. Michael

Dr. Sandra D. Michael

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

BA, California State College at Sonoma
PhD, University of California at Davis

Office: Science III - 175
Phone: 607-777-6517
Email: smichael@binghamton.edu
Website: http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~smichael/

Research Interests:

Polycystic ovary disease and ovarian cancer

Beginning with the whole animal and ending at the subcellular level, this laboratory uses the female mouse for the study of polycystic ovary disease and ovarian cancer. In our studies, a variety of research methods and techniques are applied, some of which are: neonatal thymectomy, steroid injections, cellular infusions, FACS analyses, immunohisto-chemistry, histology, subcellular fractionation via differential centrifugation, thymic hormone and steroid hormone assays, steroid receptor assays, and steroid- and energy-producing enzyme assays. Ovarian cancer and polycystic ovary disease affect large numbers of women every year. Our research has the potential to shed additional light on these two dreaded diseases, as well as to add to a compendium of information on the overall aspects of female reproduction.

Last Updated: 3/16/16