Jeff Schertzer

Dr. Jeffrey W. Schertzer

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

BSc, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Ph.D., McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Office: Biotechnology Building - BI 2404
Phone: 607-777-4310

Research Interests:

Formation of bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles and their roles in cell-cell communication, virulence and biofilm maturation.

To carry out many functions, Gram-negative bacteria selectively package cargo into transport vesicles that bud off from their outer membrane. Depending on their payload and target, these vesicles can be involved in immune system avoidance, toxin delivery, interspecies competition, cell-cell communication, horizontal gene transfer and the
development of biofilms. We are interested in understanding how Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) are formed and how an organism directs what gets packaged within them. We also study the role of OMVs in community behaviors, such as cell-cell communication (quorum sensing) and biofilm formation. As an application of our research, we are exploring how natural and synthetic OMVs can be used to aid in vaccine development and antimicrobial drug delivery.

Last Updated: 7/1/15