Dr. Julian Shepherd

Dr. Julian Shepherd

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

BA, Cornell University;
PhD, Harvard University

Office: Science III - G50
Phone: 607-777-6538
Email: jshepher@binghamton.edu

Research Interests:

Reproductive physiology of insects and arachnids

My research interests are in the field of physiology (especially reproduction), behavior and ecology of arthropods, working with moths, ticks and mosquitoes.  I am especially interested in sperm maturation, activation, and motility, and the function and fate of sperm in the female reproductive tract, with particular reference to the function and fate of accessory (polymorphic) and redundant spermatozoa in the female tract, and their significance with respect to sperm competition.  Recently, I have sponsored studies in growth and competition between native and invading exotic species of mosquitoes know to carry viral diseases, and a study in distribution and ecology of native tick species that vector diseases.

Last Updated: 7/1/15