Dr. Nancy E. Stamp

Dr. Nancy E. Stamp

Professor of Biological Sciences
Director, Freshman Research Immersion (FRI), Provost's Office

Bio Office : 607-777-6533
Fax: 607-777-6521
Office: S3-373
Email: nstamp@binghamton.edu

Research Interests:

Community Ecology & Science Education

Plant defense: Current work has focused on plant defense theory (why some plants are well defended and others are not), and the challenges of testing hypotheses about plant defense. Within that context, research has also addressed the set of factors that determine how well insect predators do in different situations, in particular when prey contain plant defensive chemicals, when prey are scarce, and temperature (or climate) changes.

Science education: Recent advances in science education show that teaching science by lecturing and having students read thick textbooks is not very effective. Two research projects focus on authentic research experiences for undergraduates. Other research is aimed at challenging students' misconceptions and teaching for a sophisticated understanding of ecology.


Last Updated: 12/29/16