Budget Allocation Transfers Form 

To complete the Budget Allocation Transfer form, you will need your State (DIFR, IFR, SUTRA) account number, and you will need to know if your account is sub-accounted.  If the account is sub-accounted, the allocation will be posted to the sub account 99. (e.g. 860510-99) Contact your Division Financial Representative if you wish to move allocation between sub accounts only. The Budget Office will post all other allocation transfers between accounts.  The link to the allocation form is below, and also on the BUBS site.

You will need to know the Budget Object Code, which is limited to the Budget Codes listed below.

Please include a reason for the transfer.  We are limited to a 20 character description.  We also need to know if this is a one-time adjustment, or a permanent base adjustment.

This form must be completed by the department whose allocation is being reduced.


PSR Instructional               Budget Object Code 0410  Faculty

PSR Non- Instructional       Budget Object Code 0000  MC, Professional,Classified

OT/Holidays                      Budget Object Code 1970  OT, Meals

Other S & W (Unassigned) Budget Object Code 1610  Also Receives, Chair Stipends

PST Instructional               Budget Object Code 2410  Adjunct Faculty, TS Extra Service

PST Non Instructional        Budget Object Code 2000  Temp Service Regular, Students, Other Temp Service

GATA Payroll                    Budget Object Code 2610  GATA and GATA Extra Service

OTPS Supplies                  Budget Object Code 3000   Supplies, various

Travel                              Budget Object Code 4000  Travel, various

Operating/ Other S & E     Budget Object Code 5000  Operating, various

Utilities                            Budget Object Code 5500   Utilities, PF use only

Utilities Fuel                     Budget Object Code 3401   Coal, wood

Other Equipment              Budget Object Code 7000   Library Acquisitions

Equipment                       Budget Object Code 7200   Equipment, various

Recharges                       Budget Object Code 9310   Telephone

                                      Budget Object Code 9410   Postage

                                      Budget Object Code 9510   Duplicating

Automobiles                    Budget Object Code 9610




Master Form for Budget Transfers (.xls, 16KB)

Last Updated: 2/10/17