Budget Procedures

Please refer to the Management Procedure MP100 Budget and Finance, on the Division of Administration page, under Policies and Procedures, for detailed Budget information.


HR Procedures:

If a new position is required, or a current position becomes vacant for Faculty/Staff (payroll 28020), and you would like to fill it, you must request approval to fill the vacancy.

A Position Request  also needs to be submitted for all changes in Salary, FTE, and Funding for Faculty/Staff payroll

  • Visit  http://www.binghamton.edu/human-resources/position-request/index.html

  • Select from Faculty/Librarian, Professional, or Classified Position Request forms
  • Complete and submit the form.
  • HR will receive and log it on Google Docs (as with all position requests), and route it for approvals (VP and Budget).
  • Once approved, and the funding has been verified, HR will send you an e-mail stating that it's OK to use the line.
  • This applies to Faculty/Staff vacancies only, NOT student assistant, FCWS or GA/TA.



Last Updated: 2/9/16