The purpose of the Outdoors Club is to help students with common recreational interests to get together and spend time outside and also to expose members to new outdoor opportunities while teaching safety and responsibility for the environment. The club practices Leave No Trace which is an environmental ethic that is geared towards preserving natural areas. At each of their weekly meetings, trip planning and backcountry skills, and responsibilities are discussed. Some other activities the club has participated in the recent past are: backpacking, tree and rock climbing, mountain biking, snow shoeing, winter camping and cross-country skiing. Future activities may/will include: Geo-Cashing, Survival Skill Instruction, Orienteering and Wilderness First Aid. The club usually funds most of the expenses on trips, so don't miss out on a chance of a lifetime! Men and women are encouraged to join.


  • Winner- 2004 Binghamton University XCELsior Award for "Student Organization Leader of the Year, David Katz (Club President).

: IOCA (Intercollegiate Outing Club Association)

Club Co-Presidents:
  Susan Lee (slee148@binghamton.edu) and Emily Mancini   (emancin1@binghamton.edu)


Visit the club on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/640632159301211/


Fall 2014 Meetings
Meeting Type Day Time Location
GIM  Tuesday 9/2 9 p.m.  West Gym- North Basketball Court 
 Werekly  Monday's (1st Meeting is 9/8) 8 p.m.  Science Building 


Fall 2014 Event/Trip Schedule
Date Event

Last Updated: 12/4/14