Join a Club

Joining a Club

Club membership is open to all students, faculty and staff of Binghamton University. Each club then establishes its own requirements regarding fundraising, attendance and participation. All clubs have open enrollment but some clubs do have practice sessions to assess the varying degrees of skills among members. Each club has additional support roles for individuals to participate while they are learning the activities.

How to Register as a Participant

To register for a Club Sport, you must contact the club president or attend one of general interest meetings.  You can also contact the Intramural and Club Sports office, located in the East Gym at (607) 777-4318.

PRIOR to participation, each club member must have completed all required registartion forms.   All forms must be submitted to the Club Sports Office.  Club Sport registration is available online only.  

To register online for one or more Club Sport Teams:

  • Members (current and future)  must log into B-Engaged using their PODS information ( 
  • Once logged in, under "Organizations" find "Campus Recreation Services (CRS)". 
  • Open this page.On left column, go to "Forms".
  • Begin and complete online registration.
  • Once submitted, approval will be sent back to member via email.  If denied, member will receive an email.

How to Start a Club Sport

At this time we are accepting new club proposals under Club Sports and Campus Recreation. 

Proposals may be submitted at any time throughout the semester, but will not be able to begin within the same semester of submission.  Final acceptance for a new club sport will be pending final vote of acceptance from the club sports council (current club presidents/co-presidents).  The council meets twice per year at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.  New clubs, if accepted will then begin provisonal status. 

Individuals who want to form a Club Sport at Binghamton University must take the following steps.

Step 1

Submit a written proposal to the Assistant Director/Program Coordinator of Campus Recreational Services at least one full semester prior to becoming a club. The proposal must include:
  1. Demonstration of interest: submit a list of active and/or potential members, and a list of officers with contact information.
  2. Demonstration of organization: formulate a written Constitution/Bylaws.
  3. Definition and purpose of the club: what type of club is this, and how does it differ from what we currently offer?
  4. Demonstration of need: importance of the club to Club Sports, Campus Recreation and Binghamton University.
  5. Demonstration of safety: the applying club must demonstrate that the welfare of its members is safeguarded. They must also have procedures in place in case of accidental injury or emergency during practices and/or events both home and away.
  6. Practice space needed: outline what type of area (indoor and/or outdoor) is needed to practice.
    *Note 1) Availability of space: acceptance of a new club sport will also be based on available facilities/fields for practice and competition.
    *Note 2) Space allocation: established clubs with adequate participation have priority for facility space as determined by the assistant director and/or program coordinator of Intramurals and Club Sports, and the Associate Director and/or the Director of Campus Recreational Services.
  7. Funding: submit a preliminary budget of club needs (i.e. equipment, travel related, rental).
    Note: first year clubs will be expected to generate all of the funds necessary for operation of their club. They may, however, request discretionary funds through the Club Sports administration.
  8. Submit a constitution.

Step 2

The president(s) of the prospective club will schedule a meeting to discuss with the Assistant Director/Program Coordinator of Campus Recreational Services recognition as a Campus Recreational Services sponsored club sport. The proposal will then be submitted to the Campus Recreational Services (CRS) Risk Management Committee for further review.

Step 3

Once accepted by the CRS Risk Management Committee, the prospective club leaders will present the proposal to the Club Sports President's Council. Council meetings are held monthly.

Step 4

Acceptance as a member will be granted via majority vote by the Club Sports Council. The council meets at the beginning of each semester.  The Assistant Director/Program Coordinator of Campus Recreational Services will make the final approval of acceptance as a Club Sport member.

Step 5

First year clubs will spend one year on provisional status to demonstrate their ability to function as a club. At the conclusion of year 1, club status will be reviewed. If it is determined the club has successfully displayed their ability to function as a club, the club will be granted full status and be allowed to present a budget for the upcoming year.

Last Updated: 6/30/15