Facility Reservations

Student organizations wishing to use the East Gym or fields must first complete a facility reservation form. Please keep in mind when making the request, we receive many more requests each semester than we are able to accommodate. The earlier and more flexible the request, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your organization.

  • We generally need to receive a request at least two weeks prior to the event date to secure necessary staffing.
  • Each SA chartered organization, Fraternity and Sorority has 2 designated representatives who are authorized to reserve facilities on-campus each year. Reservations requests and all final arrangements will only be accepted from those individuals. Resident Advisors who wish to request space for a hall program also need to have the signature of their Resident/Community Director.
  • The completed form should then be submitted to the Recreation Office. Once the completed form is received, the organization will be notified within one week of the status of the request. If approved, the organization will be sent written confirmation of the request with any information pertinent to the event (such as possible charges, set-up information, etc.).
  • It is the requester’s responsibility to review the written confirmation and clarify any questions. Printed confirmation should be retained by the organization and are considered proof of facility reservation.
  • Reservations will not be accepted from any organization with an outstanding balance from a previous event in the East Gym or any other venue on campus.
  • Organizations are required to monitor who uses the facility reserved during the time frame of the event. For events that allow non-University people into the facility the guest policy will be used and event staff may be hired depending upon the nature of the event.
  • Cleaners are required to be on-duty (and are billed to the organization) for any event where food is served. Depending on the nature of the event, additional staffing cost may be required to be paid for by the organization.
  • The organization assumes responsibility for maintaining the facility during the event.
  • Failure to follow posted rules could result in cancellation of the event. Any damage or necessary clean-up will be billed to your organization.
  • Reservations that are not sports/recreational activities are considered for events with a proven record of attendance of 850+ people. Such large scale events go through a different reservation process and are done in conjunction with the University Union, Campus Activities and the Student Association.
  • Please note that a deposit prior to the event may be required depending upon the nature of the event.

Any questions regarding the reservation process please contact Cindy Cowden.

Last Updated: 2/21/17