Triples Team Bowling

Fall 2014 Registration Information:

  • Registration information coming soon!

Please review the Rules and Policies.

General Reminders and Updates

  • All games are played in the University Union Bowling Alley.
  • Player Participation: All players that appear on a team’s roster must be a current student, faculty, or staff member at Binghamton University. All players must submit their B-NUMBER at the first scheduled game in order to participate. Players can not be added after the first game has been played. Any team that violates the participation rule will forfeit all games prior and be ineligible for playoff competition. A valid ID CARD for all participants must be shown to the staff members before all games. Players may only play on one team, in one pool/league on one day.
  • Team Jerseys: All teams are encouraged to provide their own shirts with numbers. The schedule has designated Home and Visitor Teams. Home teams will be required to wear dark shirts while Visitor team will be required to wear light shirts.
  • Forfeit Policy: Any team that does not show for a scheduled game at any time during league play will be receive an automatic forfeit and be removed from the league. Also, any team that does not provide the minimum amount of players to start a game at any time during league play will receive a forfeit, thus eliminating the team from the league. 



Fall 2014 Schedules


Fall 2014 Standings


Fall 2014 Rolloff Bracket




Last Updated: 8/8/16