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Congratulations to The Colts on winning our Intramural Dodgeball Fall 2013 Championship!



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Fall 2014 Registration Information

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 Please review the Rules and Policies


League Information
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General Reminders and Updates

  • Binghamton University ID Cards: All participants must submit a valid Binghamton University ID Card before each game. Only a valid BU ID Card will be accepted. "NO ID CARD-NO PLAY."
  • B-Numbers: All participants must provide their new B-Number before the first game in order to participate. Reminder, this IS NOT the number on you ID Card. Any participant that can not provide a B-Number will not be allowed to participate. B-Numbers can be obtained by visiting the BU Brain.
  • Adding to your Team: You may add players to your roster before your first scheduled game only. If you know of anyone who may want to play for your team but can not attend this weekend, please include their name on the roster. All rosters will be frozen at the conclusion of this weekend.
  • Eligibility: All participants must be a current BU Student, Faculty or Staff member- Volunteers are not allowed to participate.
  • Sportsmanship Policy: All teams and players must refrain from abusive language while on the field to officials and opposing team members. Abusive language may include but is not limited to swearing, continuous challenge to official’s call, and inappropriate gestures.
  • Forfeit Policy: Any team that does not show for a scheduled game at any time during league play will be receive an automatic forfeit and be removed from the league. Also, any team that does not provide the minimum amount of players to start a game at any time during league play will receive a forfeit, thus eliminating the team from the league. EXCEPTION: If a team knows they can not play a scheduled game, the game may be rescheduled. A call must be made no later than 5pm on the Wednesday before the weekend of scheduled play. Games requested to be rescheduled are not guaranteed.
  • Game Officials: Please be respectful of game officials as they are students. Our officials are trained, but not officially certified. They will do their best for you and your team. Should you have any questions/concerns regarding any of our officials, please feel free to visit our office located in the East Gym.
  • Home Teams should wear "Dark Shirts". Away Teams should wear "Light Shirts".


Fall 2014 Dodgeball Playoffs


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