Congratulations to MEECH and Vos Vikings on winning our Intramural Outdoor Soccer Fall 2013 Championships.


Socce Coed Champs

Vos Vikings




Fall 2014 Registration Information:

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League Information
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The information on this page along with the Rules and Policies apply to both Men's Outdoor Soccer and Coed Outdoor Soccer.

General Reminders

  • Our web pages are going through some changes. Please visit often this weekend as we are updating the site as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Binghamton University ID Cards: All participants must submit a valid Binghamton University ID Card before each game. Only a valid BU ID Card will be accepted. "NO ID CARD-NO PLAY."
  • B-NUMBERS: All participants must provide their new B-Number before the first game in order to participate. Reminder, this IS NOT the number on you ID Card. Any participant that can not provide a B-Number will not be allowed to participate. B-Numbers can be obtained by visiting the BU Brain.
  • Adding to your Team: You may add players to your roster before your first scheduled game only. If you know of anyone who may want to play for your team but can not attend this weekend, please include their name on the roster. All rosters will be frozen at the conclusion of this weekend.
  • Eligibility: All participants must be a current BU Student, Faculty or Staff member- Volunteers are not allowed to participate. Varsity Soccer players may not participate as well. Teams are limited to a total of 3 men/women club soccer players. Teams that violate this policy may be subject to tournament removal.
  • League Format Change: A change from past years, all teams will participate in one regular game during the first weekend of play. All teams that play will then be moved into a double-elimination tournament to begin on the second scheduled weekend. Once a team loses twice, they will be knocked out of the tournament. If your team does not show or can not field a team this weekend, you will not be eligible for the tournament.
  • Men's League: Rather than 7v7 as posted, we will need to remain with full field play (10v10). Games may begin with 7 players.
  • Coed League: This is a 6v6 league played on one half of a field. No more than 3 men will be allowed to participate on the field (includes the goalie). 2 women must remain on the field at all times. A team will play down with less than minimum requirements. A team may start with 5 players, but must keep the minimum number of women on the field.
  • This is a NO-SLIDE TACKLING LEAGUE. Malicious slide tackles will be subject to automatic ejection from the game and/or Intramural Sports as a whole.
  • Sportsmanship: All teams and players must refrain from abusive language while on the field to officials and opposing team members. Abusive language may include but is not limited to swearing, continuous challenge to official's call, and inappropriate gestures. A violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection. If continued, each player in violation will be ejected for the remainder of the game. Should a team fall below the minimum number of players (7,5), an automatic forfeit will then result.
  • Forfeit Policy: Any team that does not appear for a scheduled game will automatically be terminated from league play- no exceptions/excuses. Any team that does not have the minimum amount of players for a scheduled game will automatically be terminated from league play- no exceptions/excuse.
  • Game Officials: Please be respectful of game officials as they are students. Our officials are trained, but not officially certified. They will do their best for you and your team. Should you have any questions/concerns regarding any of our officials, please feel free to stop me on the fields or visit our office located in the East Gym.

Fall 2014 Weekend Schedules


Note:  Teams may play multiple games in one day, please look at your scheduled game time as well as future games.

Fall 2014 League Standings


Fall 2014 Double Elimination Tournament Information







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