Intramural Registration

INTRAMURAL Registration Information

New registration process coming soon- IM Leagues...

Intramural Sports at Binghamton University will utilize online registration through IM Leagues for all teams and players (including Free Agents) for all sport leagues. 

All participants will be required to have an active IM Leagues account to play.

Who Can Join?

Participation in Intramural Sports is limited to current Binghamton University students, faculty and staff (alumni, spouse and volunteers are not eligible). Participants can register as an individual or as a team and MUST present their valid BU ID card at every game to play.

NCAA student athletes may not participate in “like” sports (i.e. soccer athletes may not play IM soccer but could play IM Basketball).

Free Agents – Individual Registration

We offer a free agent system to help players who do not have a team on which to participate. Registration will be done online using our new process through IM Leagues (more information coming soon). 

At the conclusion of the registration period, all registered free agents are placed on a team together. While we can not guarantee that a team will be formed, we make every effort to offer all free agent registrations the opportunity to play.

Team Sport Registration

Some sports have multiple leagues (i.e. men’s, women’s, coed) and multiple divisions (i.e. recreational and competitive). In coed leagues there is a predetermined ratio of male-to-female players who must remain on the court/field at all times during play.

When registering a team may request which league and/or division in which the team wants to participate, if applicable. Teams are also given the ability to request a preferred day and time for competition. Every effort is made to accommodate a team's preferences, however some leagues and nights fill up very quickly. League maximums are based on facility space. Our online registration system (IM Leagues) will update teams as to what  days/times/leagues are available.  Once leagues are closed teams may be added to a waiting list pending space availability.

Once a team decides in which league to participate, it is assigned a random pool. When possible, teams may choose a distinct pool to play; for example a group may choose to play in a pool assigned to student organizations (fraternities/sororities).

Captain's Meetings are done via email.  The captains meeting email consists of Rules, Intramural Policies, Field/Court assignments, along with all other applicable information.   

Last Updated: 7/8/14