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Binghamton University - Center for Autonomous Solar Power

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The Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP)

Formed in 2008, the CASP is meeting the scientific challenges to reduce the cost of solar power and enhance energy efficiency. The center will draw expertise from engineering, computer science, chemistry and physics to focus on areas such as solar conversion efficiency, storage capabilities, solar module stability and power system cost reduction – bridging the gap between technology and commercialization.

The CASP has received millions of dollars in federal funding and is a multi-disciplinary research center that functions as part of the Binghamton University Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP). Building on the expertise of S3IP, CASP will develop thin film solar modules. Mimicking nature’s own energy-conversion processes, these ultra thin technologies will allow for the design of layered devices that capture all frequencies of the solar spectrum.

CASP has two major Goals:

  • Develop its own technology, which can then be licensed to local firms.
  • Help solar companies in Greater Binghamton become competitive.
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Last Updated: 4/25/13