Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LEC) is an advisory committee to the vice provost for strategic and fiscal planning. Membership is composed of representatives from each school and several University departments. The LEC's mission is to advocate for Binghamton University's classrooms and other learning spaces.


  • Develop a strategic plan for the most effective use of Binghamton's classrooms and learning spaces
  • Enhance all classroom and learning environment standards, including physical characteristics such as acoustics, HVAC, blackboard sizes, etc.
  • Serve as conduit for faculty concerns regarding the campus' learning environments and instructional technologies
  • Evaluate classroom scheduling and utilization policies
  • Compare and monitor classroom stock and course offerings
  • Evaluate the ability of courses to meet their maximum enrollment limits
  • Investigate alternative modes of course delivery


  • George Bobinski, School of Management
  • Cassandra Bransford, College of Community and Public Affairs
  • Carol Eaton, Graduate School of Education
  • Kady Perry, Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Ann Fronczek, School of Nursing
  • Lisa Gould, Course Building and Academic Space Management
  • Mohammad Khasawneh, Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Celia Klin, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences-Dean's Office
  • Tom Kowalik, Center for Innovative & Continuing Education
  • Robert Micklus, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences-Humanities
  • Jesenko Muftic, Physical Facilities
  • Charles Nelson, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences-Sciences
  • James Pitaressi, Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Michelle Ponczek, chair, Course Building and Academic Space Management
  • Dell A. Sargent, Physical Facilities
  • Pamela Smart, Harpur College of Arts and Sciences-Social Sciences
  • Andrew Tucci, Educational Communications Center

For More Information

Contact Michelle Ponczek, director, Course Building and Academic Space Management, and chair, Learning Environment Committee, at 607-777-4587 or mponczek@binghamton.edu.

Last Updated: 11/19/14