Flood Recovery


Over 200 students participated in clean up trips coordinated by The Center for Civic Engagement.

Volunteers helped clean up flood debris on October 15. Photographs by Jonathan Cohen.

 Just a few of the many ways Binghamton University students have helped the community with flood recovery:

  • Over 200 students have participated in flood cleanup volunteer trips coordinated by the Center for Civic Engagement and NOAH
  • Students from SUNY Albany and SUNY Cortland joined Binghamton University students in a flood clean up on October 29 working with three different communities
  • Student performers in all the a capella groups and the improv comedy group donated money from their annual "Dollar Show Concert" to help with flood relief
  • Various student groups have held clothing and toiletry drives on and off campus
  • Share What You Wear Clothing drive held by Julia Lucia collected almost 100 bags of clothes
  • "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Benefit concert hosted by students was held 10/13 to benefit those affected by the flood
  • WHRW 90.5 FM campus radio station, BUMP (Binghamton Underground Music Presents) and Poverty Awareness Coalition co-hosted a flood benefit concert in the Undergrounds Sunday September 24th
  • Delta Sigma Pi & School of Management held a donation drive on campus to collect items
  • B.L.A.C.K. Unity (Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Caucasians Keeping Unity) held a donation drive in the University Bookstore for two weeks
  • Ashley Kuenneke, a Resident Assistant in Hinman, collected toiletries to give to local charities in the Center for Civic Engagement Office, the Career Development Center and in Hinman Residential halls
  • Binghamton University student Caitlin Mastroe created a Facebook page called "BU Students Help" to help students find volunteer opportunities


Binghamton University Students Volunteer with the CCE and the First Presbyterian Church

Students gather outside the University Union for volunteer trips coordinated by the Center for Civic Engagement with the First Presbyterian Church of Binghamton.

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Students wear Ty-Vek suits to help clean up their community.

CCE volunteers

Hillel Students Volunteer

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Hillel volunteers Hillel volunteers Hillel volunteers Hillel volunteers

Men's Lacrosse Club

On Saturday September 17th two car fulls of men's club lacrosse members set out to Beds 4 Kids in Owego, a city devastated by the recent flooding. As we came over the Court St bridge we immediately saw the severity of the damage; debris lining the sidewalks, dump trucks and bulldozers still working to clear the streets, all the stores and shops shut down. As we made our way to our destination we passed through the residential area; the street barely visible beneath the mud, residents carrying wreckage out of there homes. To get to the building we had to go down a closed street with more dump trucks and as we pulled up to the building we passed the large parking lot filled with dirty destroyed mattresses. We parked and signed in, strapped on our masks and gloves and followed a women into the dark dank halls of the former middle school. We were brought to a gym that had been filled with furniture that was being emptied, the floor bowed and cracked 3 feet high in the middle. We carried the saturated couches and chairs outside to the massive piles of destroyed furniture. We spoke to the head of the organization before we left and he said it would take at least a month to empty and clean the entire facility.

- Michael Nocerino, Business Management B.S. '12 

Binghamton University Volunteers

Share What You Wear Clothing Drive

Student volunteers help collect clothes for the "Share What You Wear" Clothing Drive in the Center for Civic Engagement Office.

Toy Drive to Benefit Flood Victims

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From the community...

In various local newspapers, the community thanks Binghamton University volunteers.

"We would like to thank all the people who spend their time helping out those of us who were forced to evacuate our homes during the recent flood - especially the college kids, who did an excellent job. Every time we turned around, one or more of them were passing out snacks and water or asking if we needed anything, or passing out meals to those who couldn't stand in line. Some of them helped with the young children and spent time talking with those who wanted to chat. These are the kids you never hear about, and we think it's about time that people do hear about them. Some of them even found time to entertain us with music and singing. Let's give them a great big hand. - Gerald and Nancy (letter to Press & Sun)

"As one of the many evacuees who stayed at the Binghamton University Events Center, I am sure that mine will not be the only letter of praise that you will receive regarding the wonderful treatment that we were given by the countless volunteers there. Everyone was so anxious to help and actively looked for ways to make things easier in any way they could... Some BU students were passing out crayons, coloring books and puzzles they had gotten at Target to restless children. Other BU students were organizing dance exhibits and they even had a band playing one evening... Many, many heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so cheerfully and tirelessly... I always knew that I lived in a caring community, but it truly was overwhelming to experience that care firsthand." - Ann (letter to Press & Sun)

"You can't quantify it. Their help has been tremendously appreciated," said Chuck Gibson, a public affairs supervisor with the Red Cross at the Binghamton University Events Center, which served as a shelter for evacuees. Between 50 and 150 students worked many days at the Events Center.

"The BU students, American Red Cross personnel and other volunteers gave very generously of themselves, with politeness and dedication." John (letter to Press & Sun)

"Binghamton University students (many with no ties to the community) are organizing events to raise funds for materials... my thanks go out to these college students." David (letter to Press & Sun)

"I would also like to thank the young students of Binghamton University. I was housed at the Events Center for three days, and they made sure that I was comfortable and that I had a cot on which to sleep, as well as blankets and a pillow... thank you again and God bless you." Kenneth (letter to Press & Sun)

"As a parent of a new transfer student at Binghamton, I want to thank the school and staff for the way this event has been handled. I have been very impressed with the attitude of the school from my first visit, and the information that has been provided during this crisis has been fantastic. The feedback I have received from my daughter has been greta, and I have a high level of comfort with her attending this school. Keep up the great work." - Dan (parent of Binghamton University student)

Last Updated: 9/22/15