Doctoral Program in Community and Public Affairs (PhD)

The PhD program in Community and Public Affairs prepares students to enter a community of scholars, educators and advanced practitioners who can:

  • conduct methodologically rigorous in situ based research on the dynamic interplay among communities, the organizations serving them and the multi-level power relations framing people's everyday lives;
  • generate knowledge and expand theories that illuminate these interrelationships;
  • design theoretically sound and effective programs that engage issues of diversity, social justice, culture, power and difference in ways that facilitate the empowerment of communities and their members; and
  • lead the transformation of organizations to better address the challenges of contemporary society.

The doctoral program in Community and Public Affairs will have three (3) core learning areas:

  1. Community-Based Research,
  2. Community Systems and Cultural Competence, and
  3. Organizational Context and Leadership.

This program is designed to be both theoretical and applied. It incorporates theories and methods from disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and also focuses on published work that informs intervention strategies. Students learn how to conduct rigorous interdisciplinary research on complex, complicated problems and also how to address leadership challenges in public and nonprofit organizations, including higher education, that serve diverse populations in a democratic society. The program requires a total of 40 post-master's credits.

For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Mellin, PhD Program Director, (607) 777-9243.

Last Updated: 9/3/14