The Center for Applied Community Research and Development

“Community-based research aims not merely to advance understanding, but also to ensure that knowledge contributes to making a concrete and constructive difference in the world.” --Richard Sclove - The LOKA Institute

The Center for Applied Community Research and Development (CACRD) – a research center founded, staffed and hosted by Binghamton University – connects the University and individuals and organizations seeking community-based research partnerships. The CACRD goal is to create symbiotic relationships where community organizations benefit from the University’s resources while providing fertile ground for publishable research. The knowledge embodied in each group benefits the other for the greater good of all.

Students benefit by participating in service-learning projects, where they apply academic knowledge to real-world situations. Students can also intern with various organizations and with faculty members and students from across the University campus. Working with the CACRD provides an opportunity to take what you learn in the classroom out into the real world, benefiting you, your partners and the community at large.


The CACRD provides a link between the University and the community by pairing faculty with community organizations, enabling both to jointly benefit from rigorous community-based research.


The CACRD will be the leader in community-based research, sought by local, regional, national and international scholars and practitioners seeking university-community collaborative relationships.

Virtual Communities of Broome County

Watch a video of Dr. Mischen discussing the Virtual Communities of Broome County project to the Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems (CoCo) Research Group at Binghamton University on September 21, 2011.

Broome County Youth Bureau Presentation (ppx.264k)


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