CACRD Research fellows

Effective community-based research relies on the partnerships between the community and the diverse research interests of university faculty.

Research Fellows

Photograph of Dr. David CampbellDr. David Campbell, Associate Professor, Public Administration

Research Interests: Nonprofit management, leadership, accountability, and philanthropy

Founder of the Philanthropy Incubator at Binghamton University

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Meredith Coles in front of bookcase in her officeDr. Meredith E. Coles, Associate Professor, Psychology

Research Interests: Nature and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and social phobia in adults and children. Factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of OCD, including childhood experiences, cognitive factors and sleep/circadian rhythms. Role of information-processing biases (e.g., attention, memory, interpretation) in anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral treatment of social phobia and OCD. Understanding barriers to treatment-seeking for anxiety disorders.

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Photograph of Dr. Brandon Gibb posing in his office in front of a bookcaseDr. Brandon E. Gibb, Associate Professor, Psychology

Research Interests: Cognitive, genetic and environmental risk factors for the development of depression and anxiety in children, adolescents and adults.

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Studio portrait of Dr. Madhu GovindarajuDr. Madhusudhan Govindaraju, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Cloud computing, distributed data intensive computing, high performance computing, web services, semantic web, component based technologies, XML based technologies, and problem solving environments.

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Kevin Heard at his desk in his officeKevin Heard, Assistant Director, GIS-Core Facility Geography

Research interests: Demographics, internet mapping

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Studio photograph of Dr. Kristina LambrightDr. Kristina Lambright, Assistant Professor, Public Administration

Research Interests: Public sector contracting, monitoring social service delivery systems, organizational performance, service learning engaged scholarship

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Studio portrait of Dr. Leann LesperanceDr. Leann Lesperance, Physician, Decker Student Health Services

Research interests: The development of innovative technologies for the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and obesity; healthcare systems/networks.




Studio image of Dr. Hiroki Sayama

Dr. Hiroki Sayama, Associate Professor, Bioengineering

Research Interests: Complex dynamical networks, collective behaviors, social systems modeling, artificial life/chemistry, mathematical biology, computer and information sciences.

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Candid photo of Dr. Sue Seibold-SimpsonDr. Susan Seibold-Simpson, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Research Interests: Reproductive health, public health, adolescent health behaviors, social capital/social justice

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Studio photograph of Dr. Tom Sinclair Dr. Thomas Sinclair, Associate Professor, Public Administration

Research Interests: public budgeting, policy analysis, policy implementation, contract management and procurement, and comparative administration

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