Help Current Students: Get Involved with the Fleishman Career Center Programs

Binghamton Alumni can help current Binghamton students in a number of ways! 

Do you remember your sophomore year when you didn't know what to major in or what kinds of careers existed? Or, do you remember wondering about a particular job or career path?

Now you are in a position to give practical advice to students and other alumni facing these same challenging issues. How?

Professional Networking on LinkedIn

Join the ranks of alumni who have volunteered to be a resource to students who have questions about careers, majors, graduate schools or the city in which you live. As a Professional Network volunteer, you control what information is shared with the requestor as well as how and where you prefer to be contacted. You can inactivate your Professional Network Volunteer status at any time and reactivate with the click of a button. Sign up online through the Alumni Association Professional Network group on LinkedIn.

Mock Interviews

Students value opportunities to practice their interviewing skills. The Fleishman Career Center assists in this area is through mock interview programs and Alumni Phone Practice Interview Program.

Dining for Success

Annual events are held on-campus to assist students with practicing and developing proper etiquette and building their professional networks. Alumni serve as 'table hosts' to help facilitate small talk.

Liberal Arts to Careers Externship

Liberal Arts to Careers Externship is a new program that provides Harpur sophomores with the opportunity to job shadow a Harpur alumna/us when classes are not in session. Selected students are matched with a professional to explore a specific career and gain insight into the realities of the workplace.  For more information including application to volunteer as a sponsor:  Liberal Arts to Careers Externship - Sponsor Information

What Can I Do With a Major In ...?

You may remember this question from when you were in college. One way that the Fleishman Career Center assists students in finding answers to this question is to offer programs/panels where alumni who pursued various majors talk about their jobs and how their work relates to what they studied at Binghamton.

Careers in the Non-Profit and Public Sectors

Have you followed your passion for a particular social issue or cause? Have you been in the Peace Corps, Americorps or worked abroad? The Fleishman Career Center sponsors programs along the theme, "Tap Your Passion: Explore Careers That Make the World a Better Place " where alumni share their stories and knowledge about resources and jobs for students seeking similar opportunities.


For Information about Getting Involved with Programs, contact:

Bill McCarthy, Associate Director

Last Updated: 8/11/16