Active Alert: Classes canceled rest of today and tomorrow

B-ALERT:Due to forecast, all classes effective 4:30pm today Nov 25 are canceled. There will be no classes Wednesday Nov 26. Adjust travel plans accordingly.

Alert updated: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 3:50 PM



hireBING is an on-line connection between Binghamton University students and alumni, and employers for jobs and internships. To request an account, please email

Students use hireBING to:Student Login

  • Search jobs, internships, and employers
  • Post and send resumes
  • Participate in on-campus interviews and career events

Employers use hireBING to: Employer Login

  • Post jobs and internships
  • Manage on-campus interviews
  • Search and view resumes
  • Register for career fairs

Faculty and Staff use hireBING to:Faculty and Staff Login

  • Search jobs and internships
  • Make job recommendations to your students
  • View information sessions
  • Learn about career fairs and events
  • To request an account, please email

Alumni use hireBING to:Alumni Login

  • Search jobs and employers
  • Post and send resumes

Manager access to hireBING:Manager Login

  • For Career Center staff use only
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Last Updated: 11/12/14