How You Can Help Your Student With Career Planning

As a parent or guardian of a Binghamton University student, it is important to understand your role within the career decision making process.  There are three key factors to remember when helping your student.

Support – Support your student’s responsible involvement in campus activities and their exploration of new areas of study and interests. Help them feel empowered to make their own decisions, follow their own passions and develop their independence and confidence.

Listen – Students discover new things about themselves throughout the college experience and will likely want to bounce ideas off of you.  Keeping an open mind and demonstrating a willingness to listen will be an important role for you to play.

Encourage – Encourage your student to take risks, move beyond their comfort zone, actively engage in their university experience, talk to new people and make other 'smart moves' that foster academic and career success. Encourage the early use of the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development. 

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Last Updated: 8/11/16