Academic Job Search

The academic job search spans the academic year, with positions being advertised early on in the fall to be filled by September of the next academic year.

The following articles provide great advice:

Job Search Materials

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (29.5kb pdf): a comprehensive summary of your academic background, teaching experience, awards, research interests and publications.
  • Getting Great Letters of Recommendation: good article about the importance of recommendation letters and how to get letters that will help in the academic job search.
  • Cover letter: A letter of application tailored for each position which discusses your teaching and research interests and credentials. This is your introduction to a potential employer, therefore, it should not only describe your research and teaching experience, but also demonstrate your writing skills. Do not repeat what is on your CV, rather, give a sense of your interests, your intellectual ability and your enthusiasm. You may find Inside Higher Ed's piece on Writing a Cover Letter for a Community College Job helpful as well.
  • Dissertation Abstract: a succinct summary of your research project
  • Writing Sample: either a chapter of your dissertation or a published article, depending on what is requested by the search committee
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy: a demonstration of your teaching methodologies and/or description of classroom experience(s)
  • Research Agenda: your research plans for the next year or two
  • Transcripts: order official transcripts from the University Registrar's Office

The Academic Interview
The following websites provide extensive advice about the academic job interview including questions you may be asked and insight into convention interviews and campus visits.

Faculty Salaries

Important Job Search Links

Teaching at a Community College
Articles from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

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