Build relationships with professionals in your field, both in person and online

Leveraging LinkedIn:

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for maintaining and building your professional network while keeping it separate from your personal life. It is a great way to organize and manage your ever-expanding network of professional relationships, including contacts you make in college, at networking events, in an internship or job, and throughout your career. As a member of LinkedIn you can search for people in a variety of ways – by employer name, location, job title, etc. Through LinkedIn you can also join groups like the Binghamton University Alumni Group and other organizations of interest. Through these groups, you can connect and message with other members. >>MORE

Alumni Association Professional Network:

Through the Binghamton University Alumni Association Professional Network on LinkedIn, you can tap an expansive group of fellow alumni for networking. If you're a current student looking to learn about career fields, expand your professional network, and or improve you job search strategy, we encourage you to join the LinkedIn subgroup specifically for student-to-alumni professional networking. Included in the Student-to-Alumni Professional Network subgroup is a network of Binghamton alumni who have volunteered to be contacted by current students regarding their career. Alumni network volunteers can provide information and assistance whether you are conducting a job search, considering graduate school or contemplating a career change. Although the Network is not an employment or placement program, it is designed to help you connect with alumni and tap their talents and insight.

Fleishman Career Center Programs:

The Fleishman Career Center offers programs throughout the semester to which graduate students are invited. In cooperation with the Graduate School and the Graduate Community of Scholars, the Fleishman Career Center also offers programs to address the needs of graduate students. See the calendar of upcoming programs.

Last Updated: 7/11/14