Make Your Job Search an Efficient Process

Research and determine which employers are most likely to hire international students. Some organizations may not be able to hire non-U.S. citizens due to the nature of the work. In general international students should shy away from applying to federal agencies and department of defense employers or contractors. These employers will typically require U.S. citizenship to hire or will require a security clearance. Direct your resume and cover letter to employers who can hire you. By doing so you will make your US job search an efficient process.

Other ways to make your job search productive:
  • Start Early: Start early by obtaining a volunteer or internship position while you are still in school. These opportunities can help you gain marketable skills and experiences that will help in your full-time job search. Once you begin to look for a job send out your resume and cover letter at least 6 months before you hope to begin working.
  • Invest Time: Devote the time to understand and assess positions in which you are interested in applying. Allot time to research particular positions and employers, write and edit your resume/cover letter, and apply to multiple employers.
  • Network: Talking with people who have connections to employment opportunities is called networking. Common networking sources are family, friends, and faculty. Make sure that these people are aware that you are in the job search process. These people may have, or know about, job opportunities. They may also be able to introduce you to someone they know who has a job opportunity. In addition, utilize the Alumni Career Network located in the Fleishman Career Center to identify Binghamton graduates who could help in your networking process.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: Expect to encounter rejection in your job search. It is the price of eventual success. Do not expect that an employer will search for you. Realize that it commonly takes sending out multiple resumes and interviews before you will obtain a job offer. Being flexible and having realistic expectations in your job search will help you maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude is something all employers seek.
  • Attend Career Programs: The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and the International Student and Scholar Services join forces each semester in offering an array of career development programs specifically for international students. These programs will help you gain a better understanding of your employment eligibility options, job search skills, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing techniques. Consult the Fleishman Career Center schedule of programs (link to calendar) to learn when these sessions are offered.

Last Updated: 8/11/16