Building Global Competencies

Strengthening your global competencies will better prepare you to achieve success in a multicultural work environment. You can begin to build such competencies either by traveling abroad or by participating in internationally-based activities at Binghamton University. These experiences will provide you with a broader awareness of cultural perspectives and will help you to develop the skills valued by employers currently working within global environments.

What is global competence?

Building Global Competencies through Studying Abroad

  1. Visit the Office of International Programs website to learn about both SUNY and non-SUNY study abroad programs.
  2. The “Make Your Degree Global” roadmap will help you to incorporate your study abroad experience into your undergraduate or graduate career.
  3. “Nine Ways to Gain a Career Advantage from Studying Abroad” offers tips on steps to take before, during and after your experience abroad to ensure that your travels will contribute to the building of your global competencies.

Building Global Competencies at Binghamton University

International Opportunities at Binghamton University are vast and varied. Find an activity that peaks your interests and join today!

English Conversation Pairs
Contact: ESL Program Office, LN 2412, 607-777-6725

  • Native English speaking students pair with English as a Second Language (ESL) students.
  • Commitment – one hour per week in any kind of setting (i.e. over a meal, coffee, walk, etc.) for the duration of the semester
  • ESL students are able to practice their English in a non-classroom environment while learning about American language and culture. 
  • Native speakers gain a better insight into another culture from the perspective of a peer 

How to Get Involved: Applications for participation are announced through B-Line and department list-serves at the beginning of every semester

Native Speaking Assistant
Contact: ESL Program Office, LN 2412, 607-777-6725

  • Native Speaking reference and aide in University Level ESL courses
  • Duties include attending ESL classes on a daily basis and participating in small group discussions with students

How to Get Involved: Contact the ESL Program Office the semester before you wish to participate as a Native Speaking Assistant. There is an application and interview for these positions.

Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC)
Contact: Languages Across the Curriculum, 607-777-2499 (

  • Utilizes existing language skills in courses outside of language department courses
  • Meet weekly as a discussion group (in the target language) in addition to your regularly scheduled classes
  • LxC assignments replace pre-existing English assignments for a course, however, you still must attend class meetings both in English and in your LxC study group
  • Program begins the 5th week of classes

How to Get Involved: Visit ( or for the schedule of classes with an LxC component each semester.

Language Resource Specialist (LRS)
Contact: Languages Across the Curriculum, 607-777-2499 (

How to Get Involved: Submit an application (available at the semester prior to when you would like to be considered for this position.

Global Studies Minor
Contact: Global Studies Minor (

  • Aim: To increase your global competency and awareness especially in relation to your study abroad experience and to use that experience to help further your future personal, academic and career-related goals.
  • Available to all students participating in a study abroad program earning AT LEAST 3 credits
  • Includes a certain amount of credits in a second language, Global Interdependency(“G”) courses, an “in-country” course via Blackboard and a Capstone seminar upon return to the US

How to Get Involved: Apply for the minor by making an appointment with the Global Studies advisor at least one semester prior to going abroad.

Get Involved with the Community!

  • Volunteer or intern at culturally-based organizations in Binghamton or your local community, such as the American Civic Association or The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier.
  • Volunteer or intern in elementary, middle and high school ESL programs in the Binghamton or Johnson City school districts.
  • Intern with a cultural organization through the CCPD Internship program

Pull up a Chair at a Language Table or Attend International Coffee Hour!

  • Visit to find out the dates and times for La Table Française, Spanish Table, and Italian Coffee Hour.
  • Connect with International students at International Coffee Hour, held the first Friday of every month at 3:30pm in the Anderson Center President’s Reception Room
  • Talk to students who have returned from abroad or those who are interested in going abroad at the Study Abroad Table, held in the Susquehanna Room. (contact: for information on date and time)

Connect “International” to your coursework!

  • Build international themes and interests into class assignments
  • Get to know students from other backgrounds in classes, study groups, residence halls, etc.

Last Updated: 8/11/16