How to Land an International Job or Internship

Have you ever studied abroad? Did the experience leave you with the desire to obtain more international experience? Do you love to travel? Did you want to study abroad during your undergraduate or graduate years, but never had the chance? Are you looking for an alternative to the typical routine of post-graduation life?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may be interested in pursuing an international job search. This uses many of the same strategies of a domestic job search, however, the international factor does add a few twists and turns in the process. Obtaining a work permit (depending on the country's regulations for US citizens working in their country) and communicating with employers abroad takes more time and patience than a local or national job search. However, the benefits of working abroad are immense, and international experience is a great resume booster.

Remember: Like any job search, the international job search takes time and dedication. By executing a multi-faceted job search you increase the odds that you will find that job or internship abroad that you have been dreaming about. Working abroad can enhance your resume, allow you to learn about a new culture from the inside, and be a life changing experience overall. Good luck!

Last Updated: 8/11/16