Career Development Centralized Internship Program (CDCI)

The CDCI Internship (CDCI) Program is the largest credit-bearing internship program at Binghamton University. The CDCI Program partners with local, regional, national and international agencies to provide Binghamton University students with endless opportunities (ranging from Accounting to Zoology) in experiential education. Students are required to attend an information session the semester prior to interning. Dates will also be listed on the CDCI calendar. CDCI Internship Program offers:

Fall /Spring Internship: 4 credits  

Students complete 120 hours in one semester (about 10 hours per week), plus their weekly one-hour seminar class. Journaling, assignments, career planning, networking, resumes, presentations and final research papers are examples of how students will earn their upper level academic credit in the seminar class. Site supervisors are responsible for completing a midterm and final evaluation and reviewing them with their interns. Seminar leaders have final say in final grades.

Full time Internship: 8 credits

Students are off campus and intern full-time at an approved organization. Students will participate in an online academic component in order to maintain their credit-worthy internship.  The course instructor has final say in final grades.

Summer and Winter Internships:  2 or 4 credits

Summer and Winter Session students can intern just about anywhere in the world at an approved agency. Students will participate in an online academic component in order to maintain their credit-worthy internship.  The course instructor has final say in final grades.

Note to international students: If you are an international student in F-1 or J-1 status, be sure to check with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to see if employment authorization is required for your internship.  International students who begin internships without first receiving this written authorization from the ISSS will be in violation of federal immigration regulations.  Protect your valid visa status.



The CDCI program is open to undergraduate students who are in good academic standing.  Students can apply in their freshman year but need to have sophomore status by the time they begin their internship.

Application Process
Students are required to attend a CDCI information session each time they apply for the internship program. CDCI staff will explain the application process and will provide the necessary documentation at the advising sessions.

After attending the information session look for CDCI internships in hireBING.  The listings can be found after logging into hireBING by scrolling down to the One-Click Searches box.  Click on the CDCI-Academic Credit Internship link.  This will lead you to a list of participating organizations and their internship openings.  More sophisticated internship searches will be explained at the required information session.

Read site descriptions carefully. Apply to those internships that most interest you using hireBING. This requires that you upload your resume and cover letter into hireBING. Once your documents are uploaded apply to CDCI internships.  A resume and cover letter is required for each organization you apply.  Make sure you apply by the deadline noted in the internship posting.  If time permits, spend some time researching the organizations that offer internships that interest you.

Interview Process
After submitting your cover letter and resume via hireBING organizations you applied to are responsible to contact you directly to schedule an interview based on the organizations interests.  If you are apply to more than one internship there is the possibility of interviewing with a number of employers.  Please manage your time to accommodate multiple interviews.

In preparation of your internship interview we recommend that you utilize the Fleishman Career Center services that assist with interviewing skills.  These range from interview workshops to quick reference guides.

Notify & Registration
Once you have obtained and decided on your internship you are required to email to request a google document registration form. Once we receive your form we can register you for the seminar class.

What if I find my internship and want CDCI credit?
There are times when students obtain an internship on their own and then seek out the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development for help in obtaining credit.  This is more common for the winter and summer sessions.  

In this situation please contact Dara Riegal.


Dara Riegal, Academic Internship Program Coordinator
Scheduled appointments also available with Dara in hireBING.

Last Updated: 9/1/15