During an interview you will surely be asked behavioral interview questions. In many instances, organizations will focus the majority of their second and/or third round of interviews with behavioral questions only. Behavioral questions typically begin with, "Tell me about a time when..." and are designed to help the interviewer understand some of your past behaviors in order to predict future performance.

Behavioral questions focus on a specific circumstance or moment from your past experiences and how you handled that given situation. The interviewer wants to understand how you performed in that situation. Using the STAR technique is an effective method to utilize in answering these behavioral questions. Using the STAR technique you will explain: the situation/background (S), the challenge or expectation that needed to be done (T), the action that you took (A), and lastly, the result (r) of that action.

Behavioral Questions


Situation: During my internship last summer, I was responsible for managing various events.
Task: I noticed that attendance at these events had dropped by 30% over the past 3 years and wanted to do something to improve these numbers.
Action: I designed a new promotional packet to go out to the local community businesses. I also included a rating sheet to collect feedback on our events and organized internal round table discussions to raise awareness of the issue with our employees.
Result: We utilized some of the wonderful ideas we received from the community, made our internal systems more efficient and visible and raised attendance by 18% the first year.

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