Writing Cover Letters

Crafting tailored, well-written cover letters is critical to the job search. While it may seem like a lot of work, it is imperative that each letter is tailored to the individual position to which you are applying - just ask alumna and employer Gail Katz Dukas, BA Creative Writing, 1991 and Chief Operating Officer, Dukas Public Relations, Inc. In a recent letter to the Fleishman Career Center, Ms. Katz Dukas outlines the many mistakes that today's candidates tend to make, ranging from carelessness to being too informal. You can read what Ms. Katz Dukas has to say here.

Like a resume, your cover letters are marketing tools used to create interest. The goal is to prompt the reader to look at the accompanying resume and ultimately interview you. They enable you to highlight and explain in more detail aspects of your background that are especially relevant to the organization you are contacting and/or to the position you seek.

It can be challenging to write a good cover letter! We recommend first finding a position to which you would like to apply, then writing a letter specific to that position and organization. The Fleishman Career Center has resources that can help you do this effectively:

  • How to Write a Cover Letter Quick Reference Guide (36.5kb pdf) in PDF format will walk you through the rubric of cover letter writing and provide a sample letter - JUST DON'T COPY THE WORDING! You wouldn't be the first person to think of that!
  • In addition, the Fleishman Career Center periodically offers programs to provide information and tips on writing cover letters. Check the Fleishman Career Center program calendar for a complete list of offerings. Career Center also houses cover letter writing resources in our Career Resource Library, including books and sample documents. Visit the Fleishman Career Center in UU 133 to view samples and/or check out resources.

    Once an initial draft has been created, we encourage students to visit the Fleishman Career Center during Counselor-on-Call hours for a cover letter review! Hours are posted on our homepage.

Additional helpful cover letter resources:

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Last Updated: 5/15/17