Fall 2015 Colloquium Program

Location - Science Library, Room - 212

Time – 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM, refreshments 11:30 AM

September 11 Prof. Daniel Seidel
Dept of Chemistry
Rutgers University
Redox-Neutral C-H
Functionalization of Amines
Mat Vetticatt
September 18 Prof. Manfred Lindau
Dept of Applied and
Engineering Physics
Cornell University
The Molecular Machine of
Vesicle Fusion
Christof Grewer
September 25 Prof. Marcel Bruchez
Dept of Biological Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
Fluorogenic Labeling and
Sensing with DNA, Proteins,
and Dyes
Eriks Rozners
October 2 Prof Xuefei Huang
Dept of Chemistry
Michigan State University
Fighting Cancer with a Sweet
Bullet:  The Development of
Carbohydrate Base Anticancer
Eriks Rozners
October 9 Dr. Jared DeCoste
Edgewood Chemical
Biological Center
Metal-Organic Frameworks For
Defense Applications

Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Wayne Jones
October 16 Dr. Rena A.S. Robinson
Dept of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
Robinson Group web site Wunmi Sadik
October 23 Steven M. Boyer
K. Keith Innes Summer
Research Grant

Dongsheng Ji
Clifford E. Myers Summer
Research Grant Recipient

Working Towards a Solid-State
Dye Sensitized Solar Cell using
Vapor Phase Polymerized PEDOT
with Polymerizable Ruthenium Dyes

Tin Materials for Lithium Ion
Battery Anodes
Wayne Jones
October 30 Prof Patrick Van der Wel
Dept of Structural Biology
University of Pittsburgh
Mitochrondrial Cytochrome C's
Proapoptotic Peroxidase Function
Induced by Peripheral Binding to
Cardiolipin-Containg Membranes
Wei Qiang
November 6 Prof S.D. Alexandratos
Dept of Chemistry
Hunter College
Design and Development of
Polymer-supported Reagents:
Application to Separation
Wayne Jones
November 13 Prof Eric Jacobsen
Dept of Chemistry and
Chemical Biology
Harvard University
Anion-Binding Catalysis

John Eisch Lectureship
in Organic Synthesis

Special Location:
Academic Building A, Room G008
Erics Rozners
November 20 Dr. Kathlynn C. Brown
SRI International
The Hunt for Cancer Targeting
Peptides:  New Ligands for
Precision Therapy of Lung Cancer
Ming An
November 27   No Classes  
December 4 Prof Ming An
Dept of Chemistry
Binghamton University 
An Group web site Eriks Rozners
December 11 Prof Glenn C. Micalizio
Dept of Chemistry
Dartmouth College

Micalizio Group web site Eriks Rozners

Last Updated: 11/18/15